6 Family photoshoot concepts and ideas

baby photography wrexham and chester
Image by Marie Lloyd Photography - http://www.marielloydphotography.co.uk

So we shoot very lifestyle in style so that means we like to photograph you in your natural habitat doing normal family things together. Of course it is not 100% natural and we will do some posing but it is certainly not a posed formal family photoshoot. We like to show a snapshot of you as a family in a natural setting. That being said there is no point me showing up and photographing you all on your phones! I need to photograph you all interacting with each and here are some of my favourite concepts that you could choose for your lifestyle family session.

  1. Baking
    If you have young children you can bake cookies or a cake together. Throw a little flour about, eat the lovely cookies afterwards. Go for a play in the garden while they bake. It makes for a lovely family scene.
  2. Nature Walk
    Leaf collecting, flower picking or just a lovely walk in a country park
  3. Teddy Bear Picnic
    It is a fun thing for children to do. Things to enhance this can be mini chalkboards that you can write the children’s ages on for them to hold. Or mix and match with other concepts such as bubbles.
  4. Bubbles
    Bubbles or a bubble gun can be a great bit of fun especially for little ones.
  5. Games hour
    Peek a boo, Hide and seek in the garden, Simon says, Freeze dance
  6. Baby Hour
    Particulary aimed at small babies, we photograph an hour of. So we may start in the nursery and then pop to the living room and just have cuddles and play. The baby may need feeding etc and its all documented as natural as possible.