8 tips on how to get ready for your family portrait session

Family photo shoot
Image by Marie Lloyd Photography - http://www.marielloydphotography.co.uk

1. Newborns – let it be photographed naturally

We recommend newborn shoots take place at home, they are too small to plan around. We  go with the flow of what your newborn needs and photograph as natural as possible, that means no stress or expectations, just as it is, raw natural and beautiful. We shoot very storytelling; we just like to photograph a typical hour from nursery room to outdoor cuddles on a picnic blanket depending on the weather and what the baby needs at the time.

2. Pick a concept

To get the best photography plan a great family friendly hour. Maybe a treasure hunt, teddy bear picnic, bubbles and games, leaf collecting, flower picking etc. We have a whole section on photography concepts and ideas for you. One of my faves is baking!

3. Food, drink and sleep

These are the 3 important things that are essential before a shoot particularly for children. Make sure that everyone is well rested so if your children are young pick a time of day that is not close to a nap time or just after a nice nap and food so that they are at their most content.

4. Hair & Make-up

You can choose to have your hair and makeup done which we recommend or if doing it yourself opt for a natural look. SPF in makeup does not always look great in photos so try and chose makeup products that don’t have SPF in.

5. What to wear at your family session

We have a whole section on this but really there are no rules. The biggest advice I can offer is logos especially large logos do not look good on camera and you should avoid logos or any large patterns. Plain is better and timeless fashion works best. If you are shopping for new outfits consider buying them from the same shop, often shops will have complimentary colours for the whole family in them

6. Children

Do not worry about your children just let them be who they are, tell them they are going to have a fun photo shoot. You don’t want to say the words “if you don’t behave” or “smile. Get them excited by bringing some fun things like bubbles, special treats that are non-messy like biscuits. Let kids pick whatever props they would like in their photos. They can do whatever makes them happy in the photographs, paint, run, twirl, do magic just be themselves. You will love the picture if it is natural even if they have a grumpy face in it. It will be a snapshot in time and something you can laugh and tell stories about in the future.

7. Preparation is key

I should have put this first really but its in at number 7 but its importance is more like number 1. You want a plan to make your shoot the best it can be, so make sure you have a: planned your outfits b: planned your concept c: planned the whole day so that you are organised and ready on time and there’s no rushing.

8. Touch ups

You may need a little spruce up so lippy or lip balm for the kids and Dad. Hairbrush to just tidy the hair up if its windy or the kids have run through a bush! Spare set of clothes may be needed particularly for little ones. Wet wipes are always handy and not just for kids!