How to choose what to wear

portrait photography

Choose a colour pallete

Ideally stick to a similar colour pallete to your home or neutral colours that will match anything. You want your images to look good on the wall in a frame.

You don’t have to avoid these colours but generally red, bright pink and bright green and clothes with pink one are best avoided. If you wanted to appear slimmer, darker colours are best. If you are not worried about being that then white is always gorgeous and works very well with darker jackets.

Type of clothing

I know it is hard choosing what to wear but you’ll look great whatever so don’t worry just follow a couple of these tips and you’ll be fine.

  • Aim for smart casual, probably your best at home outfit! It is very important to avoid big logos these are a huge no no and ideally no patterns.
  • Plain clothing works best.
  • Long sleeves look better as do long trousers covering knees and elbows .
  • Petite accessories, simple earrings, small bracelet.
  • If families are able to coordinating colours looks better. I suggest asking everyone to stick to one solid colour and set the tone, blues or browns are a good option, browns particularly in Autumn and you can go for burnt orange, dark red. You can also add white in to any mix.
  • Newborns can be in their birthday suits or a vest. Ideally it’s lovely to see all their tiny toes! You can buy nappies that will look nicer and less bulky for the shoot if you wish, things like nappy wraps can be nice, try and go for a plain one.

It is very important to avoid logos especially big ones and any patterned clothing. Not only will they date your outfit very quickly they are very distracting in photographs.


I get asked about glasses a lot and most people want to wear their glasses if they have worn them since a child as they feel they don’t look themselves without them, which is fine. The short answer to will they affect the images is yes, but there are some options to help minimise the effects.

Obviously non reflective glasses are a huge help and if outside polarised glasses look like you are wearing sunglasses. There is a clever workaround, you can buy the frame only of your glasses and wear those without the lenses in.