Next time you plan a portrait session with your baby, consider these three things

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Yey you’re thinking about your next family shoot and you want to make sure you get the best out of it. Well here are my top three tips.

1- Plan your photography session around nap times

By 11 weeks old you have probably started to establish a routine with your baby and know when your little bundle of joy is likely to need a sleep. Ideally its best to plan for your baby photographer to arrive during that nap time. If you are having a lifestyle indoor session this will allow your baby to be photographed in the nursery waking up and fed and played with and tell a natural story through the photographs.

If however I as your family photographer was to arrive half an hour to an hour after the baby had slept I could be arriving to an unhappy baby who is overtired and not in the mood to be photographed.

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2. Choose a lifestyle photography concept

So it is a good idea to have your lifestyle session planned. For very small babies you will just need a family time story session. So usually we would start in the nursery then if it is winter move into a downstairs room where you would do a normal baby play session or read a book and have snuggles. If it is summer you could do this part of the lifestyle session outside. Think about having neutral coloured toys handy and blankets rather than the more extreme coloured toys as they will distract from your baby in the photographs.

You can have a look at our concepts and ideas page for more information on what you need to think about to get the best out of your baby lifestyle photoshoot.

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3- What to dress your baby in

I suggest two outfit changes. Baby feet are the cutest and we always suggest leaving these free of clothes. You might want a birthday suit picture in which case you will need a blanket that may need to be thrown in the wash!

I always ask if possible to stick to plain clothes in a similar colour pallet for all the family. So a definite no no is big logos on clothes. Ideally stay away from horizontal stripes and big patterned clothing. A totally plain shirt or top is ideal. Also on the grown ups it’s better to cover knees so longer dresses or trousers look best.

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